The Originals: What makes you one?

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Jaward Sesay | Jaykef

21st November 2020

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The Authenticity in being an Original.

Authenticity has always been a questionable trait in everything we do or say. The image we portray holds different meanings to different people, which makes sense, because we all share different opinions over certain things. But there is always a line of agreement that connects us, just like how we easily tell what’s good and bad or what’s right and wrong.

So how do we agree on what’s authentic or what’s ORIGINAL? What makes you question your ability to do something? What makes your work your work? And how does that make you an ORIGINAL?

How it relates to Things?

To answer these questions let us first try to understand the meaning of the word “ORIGINAL”. Generally speaking we say something is original when it bears the authentic features of its creator(s). Easy to say for things, but not so easy when it applies to human behaviour.

How it relates to Human Behaviour?

Unlike things, telling whether or not someone is an Original is a more ambiguous problem. So to make more sense of what the word ORIGINAL means let us try to “range” the meaning: say the word ORIGINAL applies to how we use our mind to solve problems - this way it makes more sense.

Within this range we can safely tell with more accuracy who is an ORIGINAL.

As Neil D. Tyson once said:

“When you know how to think
it empowers you far beyond those who know only what to think”

The point here is, the way we think undeniably shows how originally minded we are. Our world today is full of options and it's easy for someone to choose one of those options, but an ORIGINAL would rather create an option than choose one. This draws an indisputed difference between the two.
So now to our question:

Who is An Original?

In this context we can safely say:

An Original is someone who knows
how to use the mind (in a way not previously engaged) to solve a problem.

Simply put, using the mind involves thinking, knowing how to use the mind means knowing how to think, doing so in a way not previously engaged means doing it creatively (or unpreparedly ), so if behaving this way solves a problem then we say a person is an ORIGINAL.

The interesting fact is that, this is true for most of our eminent original minded thinkers: 1. In science and tech:

1. In science and tech:
Albert Einstein, Isaac Newton, Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg etc…
2. In Leadership and Civil Right Movements:
Nelson Mandela, Abraham Lincoln, Martin Luther King jr, Barack Obama…
3.In Art and Movie:
Pablo Picasso, Leonardo Da Vinci, Quintin Tarantino…

On the other hand, it is safe to say that these are not perfectionists, they only happen to change the obvious ways of solving problems into an original way of doing so. This has in many ways helped shaped the future then which is the present now, and the impact is undeniable.

Moreover, we see that the authenticity of your work or your being ORIGINAL does not depend you making the best choice, rather it depends on how you use your mind originally to create the best choice.

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